CBB 2015

On 9-11 November 2015, Crossing Biological Barriers – Advances in Nanocarrier Design for Targeted Drug Delivery will take place in the beautiful city of Dresden. The international conference will address the latest developments in nanocarrier-based targeted drug delivery systems, specifically designed to overcome biological barriers. Oral presentations will be accompanied by a large poster session. The event will connect academic and industrial players, creating synergies between different disciplines.


Session Topics

  1. Overcoming Biological Barriers: Molecular, Biological and Mechanistic Issues
  2. Targeted Drug Delivery Systems
    • Oral Delivery
    • Ocular Delivery
    • Pulmonary Delivery
    • (Trans) Dermal Delivery
    • Blood Brain Barrier Crossing Systems
  3. Biodistribution and In Vivo Imaging of Nanoparticles
  4. Scale-up, Translational and Regulatory Issues of Drug Delivery Systems


More Information on this Event, venue and registration can be accessed via http://events.dechema.de/CBB2015.html


WHEN: 09.-11. November 2015

WHERE: THE WESTIN BELLEVUE DRESDEN, Grosse Meissner Str. 15, 01097 Dresden / Germany


Registration: The registration-fee for the 3-day event includes lunch, refreshments and the social event and amounts to €605 for industry, €465 for academia and reduced rates for PhD-students (€205) and students (€95). For registration until October 1st 2015 please use the online registration form via the following link http://events.dechema.de/en/CBB2015_Registration.html



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