Up-to-now there are no data on environmental exposure with nanozeolites. Zeolites occur naturally, but are also produced synthetically. Therefore, it is difficult to differentiate between naturally occurring zeolites and engineered zeolites.


Washing powder with dosing scoopWashing powder with dosing scoop

For the use of zeolites in filter materials (for example, for removal of drug residues or contaminants from wastewater), the release is expected to be very low, as zeolites are firmly embedded in the filter membranes.

 Water purification filterWater purification filter

The asbestos-like zeolite erionite occurs naturally in various regions of the world. Through destruction (natural weathering or man-caused) or on the application as a floor covering (for example in gravel pebbles) erionite can become airborne and released into the environment [1-3].


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