Starting from November 2012 the EU funded project NanoEIS will investigate the European labour market for personnel trained in nanotechnology.
The relevance of existing nanotechnology education and training in universities, vocational training institutes and secondary schools for the needs of industrial and other employers will also be explored. By 2015, a model curriculum will be made available online.


The Project addresses the following questions:


The projects website will be launched in December 2012 offering one-stop shop for information on nanotechnology education for all stakeholders.


About the project

NanoEIS is a project funded by the European Union under Framework Programme 7 for Research and Technology Development (grant agreement 319054), from 1 November 2012 until 31 October 2015.The project will be coordinated by the University Salzburg (Austria) with partners from Belgium, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Poland and the UK.

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